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Our Mission

The Mission of Pillars of Fire

     My wife and I moved to Harrisburg in February of 2010 from San Antonio, Texas.  We came to this decision after a lot of thought and prayer, believing that the Lord was leading us, much like Abram, to that far place.  It could not have been at a worse time, the whole trip we either were in driving rain, or as the temperature dropped, blinding snow.  It was the year that Harrisburg was caught in between two blizzards.

     We both have a heart to help the less fortunate, because we have both come from that same life, I more so than my wife.  You can read a part of my testimony on the post entitled, How Jesus Saved Me, to understand a little better what kind of life I led.  It is just more evidence of the grace that is the person of Jesus, and how He saves to the uttermost.

     Because of my past, the world is a hard place for me to find work.  I was doing pretty well in San Antonio before I moved though.  I had worked to start up a mobile auto detailing and graphic art business that was growing and just starting to flourish, while working as a delivery driver for a local Chinese Food Restaurant.  When we discussed moving, the first thought in my mind was, why?  The answer was simple, because He wanted us to move.

     That being settled, I got rid of all of the equipment that I had bought for my business because there was not enough room in the truck for it and the furniture.  We packed up our two cats and two birds, put the car on a trailer, said our goodbyes to the family and started north in the driving rain.  Little did I know at the time what was in store for me at the end of the road.

     After waiting in Little Rock, Arkansas for almost a week for the weather to clear, we finally got back on the road.  At this point we were going completely by faith because all of the money that we had intended to use for a home here was used up on the extra days holed up in the hotel in Little Rock.  Now we had no money and no place to stay when we got here.

     When we arrived in Harrisburg, my wife received a call from a young woman that was our next door neighbor in San Antonio, asking if we would mind staying in her town home while she and her husband were moving around in the Army.  No rent, just pay the bills and keep the house livable.  The Lord had already seen what we would need and as soon as the need came so did His provision.

     We have been going to a few churches in the area and have noticed that there is a weird sort of prophetic want in this area.  No one seems to really care about Jesus, they all just want to hear what the prophet has to say over them.  Running here and there for the next new word from God, it really is kind of disturbing how many people are being lured into this sort of religious hype.

     Not long after we settled in, we started to go downtown into the alleys and crack houses looking for the homeless, oppressed, hurting and forgotten people of this city.  It was on one evening as the snow was falling and we were giving out what little food and blankets that we had that the Lord spoke to me about what we are to do.

     Jesus told me that He wanted us to start acquiring properties and turning them into Pillars of Fire in the community.  That they would be the safe place for all of His hurting, and forgotten children to come and find shelter, food, and most of all Jesus.  Just as He led the Israelites out of Egypt with a pillar of fire when it was dark, so too will He lead His children out of the darkness and into the light here.

      I am still unemployed, but the Lord always provides more than enough for us to help these people.  I am now doing what He has instructed me to do again, through this website I intend to lift up the name of Jesus across the whole earth and in so doing He will provide everything that we need to carry out His instruction.  I believe in sowing and reaping and even I had trouble actually doing what He instructed me to do.

      It’s been 6 years since this mission statement was written, and it still remains true today. I am employed now, the Lord has blessed me with my own moving company.  We have also relocated the business and the ministry to Irving, Texas in order to attend Grace Revolution Church. The Lord continues to pour out His blessings on us and He will do the same for you.

     Everything that is purchased from this website will go into helping the people that He brings to us to minister too.  I have not even had the money to pay for the 501-C3, non profit license.  I would ask that if you are lead of the Lord to donate to this ministry, we will first use the donations to acquire the proper license and then we can all work together to show not only Irving, Texas who Jesus is, but the whole world.



3319 Esters Rd. Apt. 2093

Irving, Texas 75062


Thank You and Be Blessed,

Joe D. Willis

Seo SeeK


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