Jun 22

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I have the love of God, therefore I love others.

I have been given mercy, therefore I am merciful.

I have been given grace, therefore I am graceful.

I have been forgiven, therefore I forgive.

I have been given joy, therefore I am joyful.

I have been given patience, therefore I am patient.

I have been shown kindness, therefore I am kind.

I have been given healing, therefore I am healed.

I have been given blessings, therefore I bless others.

I have been given courage, therefore I shall not fear.

I have been given strength, therefore I am strong.

I have been humbled, therefore I am humble.

I have been ransomed, therefore I am a new creation.

I have been given peace, therefore I am at peace.

I have been given the mind of Christ, therefore I am sane.

I have been given seed, therefore I sow.

I have been given a song, sung over me, therefore I sing.

I have been given light, therefore I see.


The bible tells us in the book of 1 John that love is defined, not by how much we love Jesus, but by how much He loves us and died to give us His life.  We can not live the life that Jesus died to give us until we first receive that life from Him.  We can only give to others what we have been given.

Jesus was there in the beginning and He is waiting for us in the end.  He is also everywhere in between.  If you want to live like He lived then quit trying and surrender to Him.  Jesus is the source of all things good and holy and has given them to those that have received Him.  We will never win the world, and in fact are not meant to.  Our part is to point the world to Him and He will draw them to Himself.  We all know that Jesus is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.  We seem to have forgotten that Jesus is also the center of everything.

Jesus paid the price for all sin, there is no more punishment.  He did not come as a teacher, Jesus came as the savior of the world.  Will you receive His gift? It is really quite simple just say this simple prayer.

Jesus, I confess you as my Lord and Savior.  I believe in my heart that God raised you from the dead.  I know that you are alive for evermore, seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven.  I receive the free gift of grace, and I am now made the righteousness of God in Christ.  Thank you for saving me Jesus.  Thank you for loving me Jesus.

Thank You and Be Blessed,

Joe D. Willis


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