Jul 09

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Jesus What Could We Do Without You



This month I am being led to show off the talented praise and worship leaders across the earth. These amazing people care only about lifting up the name of Jesus Christ across the whole earth.  Praise is a beautiful weapon of warfare, designed to give us strength when the way seems dark.  Focusing on Jesus is the only means to activate the true worship, because it is the joy of the LORD that gives us strength, not our joy but His.  Look unto Jesus as you hear these anointed worshippers sing unto the Lord.






In his suffering on the cross, Jesus absorbed all of the wrath of God for sin in His own body.  The sin problem has been defeated through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Notice that He survived the full wrath within Himself, thus proving forever that the sacrifice is greater than the penalty for sin.  Afterward, He looked toward the heavens and shouted the final victory for all creation to hear:  “It is finished!”  Then, and only then, He bowed His head, finally finding rest in saving us, and dismissed His Spirit into the loving arms of His Father.

We have been redeemed through His sacrifice and when you receive what He did for you on the cross you are adopted into His family as a joint heir of all things with Him.  This is the love that He demonstrated for us, this is the love of the Father for us, this is the victory that was won for us.  We must only believe and receive it by faith in Jesus, then when we do we enter into the same rest that he found saving us.

There is nothing more that we must do, all that remains is His love for us.  When we lift up His name, the name of Jesus and behold Him as He is now; seated in power and majesty and beauty at the right hand of Abba, we will become just like He is by His power.  Any works on our part to achieve this, no matter how noble is described as works of the flesh, which means that it is owed to you.  This sacrifice was not owed to any man it was given freely, motivated by the love of a Father for His children.  Will you reach out with the arms of faith and grab a hold of this gift?  Do it today and live free from the bondage of sin.

Jesus, I thank you for the cross.  I confess your name before men as my Lord and my savior and fully believe that you have been resurrected from the dead, and are now sitting in power and majesty on your throne in Heaven.  I receive the gift of life you died to give me and I now enter into your rest with you by faith.  Thank you Jesus for the cross.


Thank you and Be Blessed,

Joe D. Willis



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