Jul 05

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Jesus Saves



This is a song that is purely of what Jesus did on the cross.  When we let go of all of the duties and philosophies of Christianity and return to the finished work of the cross, miracles abound.  When we forget about our own lives and focus on His, then our lives change for the better.  When we let go and dive off of the world system that expects us to perform perfectly and behold His perfection, then we become perfect. It is all about Jesus.




Jesus is not in heaven looking down at the things you have done wrong, or even the things that you are doing wrong in anger.  He is not with holding your blessing because you did not obey the last thing you thought you should do.  He understands that the way you and I are made perfect is in Him.  He did it all: It is about His love, His mercy, His perfection, and His obedience.  All He asks us you and I is to believe in what He has already done.  By this simple act of faith His Spirit transforms us into His perfect Image.

Receive Him Today

 I would love to hear your testimonies of the power of Jesus working in your life.

Thank you and Be Blessed,

Joe D. Willis


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