Aug 28

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Jesus Is The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever



Jesus is the same yesterday,

today and forever.

We have been looking at Jesus in the first chapter of Genesis, the book of beginnings.  From scripture, we know that He is the same today as He was then, and will be the same forever.  Jesus is unchangeable, we are the ones that change.  Discovering how secure and unchanging Jesus is will then cause us, by His Spirit, to be unchanging also.

I have noticed that within the church body, there are many differing views of how to be a Christian.  Some say that we must obey God to be a good Christian, while others say that it does not matter what we do.  Some believe that our salvation can be given away, that we have the power to pull ourselves out of His hands, while others rest easy in the knowledge of eternal security in Jesus.

Some believe that we must be baptized in water to acquire salvation, and others do not. The list of doctrines goes on and on and on.  I saw a quote on Twitter the other day that said a mouthful concerning this topic.  It mentioned that no one person has a monopoly on revelation of Gods word.  I totally agree with that powerful statement because not one person on this earth knows it all.

I would just like to see the Christian body of believers be able to sit down and discuss the Word of God without conceit and arrogance that one side is always right and the other clearly wrong.  If you will notice what these vain arguments  accomplish nothing except to take our focus off of the only unchanging person of Jesus Christ.  Keeping Jesus in the center of all conversations of His word will assure that the truth comes out because He is the way, the truth and the life of the word.

The next time someone wants to discuss one of the doctrinal differences with you, gently remind them that the only thing that really matters is that Jesus be the focus.  After all, the bible is about Him and His great love for us.  The main theme of all scripture is centered on Jesus and His finished work of the cross.  When we begin to reveal Him in this way, He will then begin to manifest Himself within us and draw all men too him in us.  When this happens not only will His Spirit flow forth out of us as a river of living water, it will also cause us to live our lives in obedience to Him without any effort on our part to do so.  Have you entered into the rest that Jesus died to give you? You can start today, by simple faith in Him and what He accomplished on the cross.

Thank You and Be Blessed,

Joe D. Willis

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