Sep 18

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A Word From The Author About Jesus



Thank you to Lauren Daigle for this wonderful song about the sacrifice of Jesus that saved us. How many times have you asked yourself this question? If you are like me you go through ups and downs every single day, some days your faith is great and it is no problem for you to believe that you are loved, saved and set free. No problem believing also that you are blessed, just because of your faith in the finished work of Christ.  Then, other days your belief is hindered by the circumstances going on around you, the jobs stop coming in, the bank account dwindles down to almost nothing, your wife seems to be on your case about everything, the arguing rages on and you feel alone and unloved and unworthy.  Sound familiar? Let me take this opportunity to share what’s going on in my life right now and pray that the Lord uses it to help you, if you are having the same thing happen in your life. I really don’t believe that there is any one person on this Earth that does not have these issues facing them at some time in their life.  The difference is how they respond to the circumstances that life brings our way.

First, I own a small moving company.  This company, Move It For You LLC, was inspired by my wife and I moving from San Antonio, Texas to Harrisburg, Pa. in 2010. The cost of it and the stress that came on us was tremendous, so the Lord put on our hearts to start a moving company that would actually help people during this stressful time in their lives. I started it with one dolly and the blessing of the Lord.  Within 3 years we had helped over 1,200 families and businesses move all over the state of Pennsylvania, and even into Maryland and Virginia.  I can remember how, at the beginning, the jobs would trickle in at a snails pace.  We sometimes went for 2 weeks between jobs and this is when the doubt started creeping in.  My wife would tell me that I had to do something, get a job or get out.  Looking back, I can see how hard it was on her, bills piling up and me not providing.  Honestly, I do not know if it was my own stubbornness or my faith in Jesus that kept me going through all of this. I do know that the words that came out of my mouth were all about how Jesus provides for me and my doing is believing in Him.  The more I said this the angrier my wife got until we were about to split.

Then something wonderful happened, the jobs started pouring in.  I only say this because we have recently moved again, to Irving, Texas and the whole thing is starting over. We move to Irving for the specific reason of attending Grace Revolution Church. Pastor Joseph Prince, from the Philippines, planted this church in Irving.  Since being here, the jobs have dried up again, and the money is almost gone again. The difference this time is that I am the one worrying about doing everything I can to get it going and my wife is trusting the Lord.  Then on Wednesday of this week we went to the evening service at the church and the message was about this very thing.  When circumstances come our way do we complain about the circumstances or do we do like Jesus did in the wilderness and speak the word of God?

I then saw the error that I had been committing and immediately changed, or repented, and started to say what God says instead of complaining about the circumstances.  The jobs still have not started pouring in, but I know that because of what Jesus did on the cross, I am blessed, and everything that I put my hand to is blessed.  I still cannot see it but I know that it is coming.  I am rich because of Jesus, I am saved because of Jesus and I am healed because of Jesus. I am loved by the King and He will provide for me in every situation. I have His peace and His joy and His life and His Spirit living on the inside of me, and who am I to worry about anything as insignificant as a job when Jesus has me wrapped up in His loving arms?

Whenever the circumstances of life come in like a flood, remember that as a child of God and because of faith in His Son, you have victory. The enemy just does not want it to come so he tries to make you say anything contrary to the truth of the Word.  The blood of Jesus has given me the victory in this and He has given you the victory in whatever you are going through also.  Jesus died so that I may live, He became poor so that I could be rich, He became sin so that I could become the righteousness of God in Him.  He gave His all so that He could make me just as He is.  His love is what makes me love, because while I was a sinner He died on the cross to save me. Thank You Jesus!


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